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3D Cutting defects in automotive industry

Detection of cutting defects in perimeter and holes in automobile floor parts using 3D technology.

Logicmelt - Use case - Automotive 3D cutting defect


Inspect 100% of the product to prevent parts with incorrect dimensions, that do not fit the vehicle, from reaching the customer. This translates into improved quality and improved brand image, as well as reduced inspection costs.


High resolution 3D camera, 3D point cloud processing, OPC-UA, Logivision platform.


In this project we apply point cloud processing to 3D captures of automobile floor parts to detect cutting errors.
To do this, the scanned clouds are compared against a correct part reference and the differences between the two are detected. If the differences exceed the allowed tolerance, the areas are marked in red and an error is generated, giving instant feedback to the operator.

The system was developed using our Logivision software, which enables the visualization of 3D point clouds and stores defects. The system is integrated with the manufacturing cell, facilitating its use through keypads to begin the inspection.

In the image you can see an example of detection of 3 uncut holes detected by the tool.

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