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Detection of objects for picking applications

Development of a 3D object detection application using 2D images at the Edge for the European Open Call BonsApps

Logicmelt - 3D Locator - Examples of detection in images


To develop an AI tool to locate objects with 6 Degrees of Freedom. To deploy this tool in an Edge device using the Bonseyes toolkit.


Computer vision, AI, Edge


Within the European program BonsApps, Logicmelt has been selected as AI Talent to solve the challenge of 6 degrees of freedom object detection. This challenge aims to classify and estimate the position and orientation of objects using a 2D camera and an AI that translates the information from 2D to 3D. This solution would be a leap forward for many applications of robotics and picking, where a 3D camera has a large cost and potential risks for the workers.

To address this challenge, Logicmelt’s team has developed a customized AI model and trained it with 3D renders of multiple objects in different scenarios. The results show that the models are capable of identifying the objects and estimate their position and location.

These models have been deployed in an Edge device using Bonseyes tools, showing that the solution can run in a compact, low-cost device that can be integrated into any industry.

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