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Stratos DS – Prediction of the stratosphere temperature

Development of algorithms for the prediction of the stratosphere through the use of cosmic rays detectors

STRATOS DS - Prediction of temperature through cosmic rays


To evaluate the use of Machine Learning algorithms for the prediction of the Stratosphere state using Stratos detectors

To identify the detector design parameters that influence the most in the predictions.


Machine Learning, Data analytics


As validated AI Experts and service providers in the European Program STAIRWAI, Logicmelt has collaborated with the company Hidronav Technologies to contribute to the development of their cosmic ray detectors Stratos.

In this project, we have developed a software to simulate the readings produced by cosmic rays with different atmospheric conditions, and trained Machine Learning algorithms to estimate the temperature and density of the stratosphere (50 km height) with data obtained from a detector at sea level.

The results obtained demonstrate that the data from this type of detectors can be used to perform accurate predictions, and open several avenues for improvement in the detector design that can be applied to the next generation of cosmic rays detectors.

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