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Superficial defects in automotive industry

Detection and classification of small defects such as impurities and lack of texture in very large pieces of automotive flooring.

Logicmelt - Use Case - Automotive


Inspect 100% of the product to avoid sending defective parts to the customer, which translates into an increase in quality and an improvement in brand image. The system also standardizes inspection and reduces costs in quality inspection.


High resolution 2D cameras, custom AI, Edge Computing, OPC-UA, Logivision platform.


In this project we apply Artificial Intelligence to images of automobile floor parts to detect small visual defects produced during manufacturing.

The objective is to assist the operator in inspecting 100% of the product to prevent these defects from reaching the end customer. The difficulty lies in the small size of the defects compared to the large size of the piece.
This problem has been solved using two high-resolution industrial cameras that enable the observation of the texture of the material and small defects, and a sustom high-resolution AI model designed specifically for this case.

Images are processed in real time on the Edge device, giving instant feedback to the operator unloading parts.

The system has been developed using our Logivision software, which enables defect storage and visualization. The system is also integrated with the cell, facilitating its use through keypads to begin the inspection and visual and audible beacons to warn of defects.

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