Our services: AI product development

Logicmelt offers vertical integration of digitization services for Industry 4.0, specializing in innovative Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

Add AI capabilities to your product with Logicmelt. We are the perfect partner to help you design and implement AI-based products.

AI algorithm design

Design and training of machine learning algorithms using customer data. Among the possibilities offered by this technology, its capabilities in image analysis stand out, like detection of patterns, people or objects, which enables detecting defects in quality control applications, classifying products by quality, detecting gas leaks and checking the compliance with safety regulations by operators, i.e. correct usage of PPE or access control to dangerous areas, among other applications. AI also works well with sensor signals detecting anomalies and predicting events, such as machine failures and consumption of machines and buildings.

AI implementation in embedded devices

When you want to run AI in embedded electronic systems, it is necessary to use special computing architectures that allow the algorithms to be executed at high speed and with reduced consumption (important for mobile devices such as drones) and obtain a product of reduced dimensions. Logicmelt is an expert in Graphics Processors (GPU), Programmable Logic (FPGA) and neural processors (TPU). We offer advice for the selection of the most appropriate platform for your product and we can also carry out the programming to obtain an optimized implementation of AI using these architectures.

Electronic product design

If you need it, we can design your electronic AI product from scratch, including component selection, printed circuit board (PCB) design, communication systems design and programming of the necessary software.