Our services: Industry 4.0

Logicmelt offers vertical integration of digitization services for Industry 4.0, specializing in innovative Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Services for distributed data collection from machines, sensors and automatons (PLC). Each IoT device captures data from one or more industrial networks, standardizes their formats and offers integration with the company's IT systems, such as production systems (ERP), and with cloud systems, adding the necessary security layer that industrial field buses usually lack.

Edge Computing

In those cases in which it is necessary to process a large amount of data in real time, the solution is Edge technology. Edge devices are intelligent IoT devices, specially designed to run demanding algorithms, such as AI, and allow not only to transmit data but also to process it. By introducing them into cloud data collection systems, they allow calculations to be moved from the cloud closer to where the data is generated, saving costs, reducing response time and decongesting the communications network.

Custom AI design

AI algorithms are currently capable of finding patterns in images or sensor data with more accuracy than a human being, and are the perfect support in quality control systems or predictive maintenance. The algorithms learn from the customer's data, which makes it possible to obtain an optimal solution for each problem in a short time. In contrast to standardized systems, which accommodate a small number of common problems, Logicmelt technology makes it possible to find the best solution to each problem.

Data analysis and value extraction

Data alone does not add value. If you already have information systems that collect data from the production process, Logicmelt can analyze them and propose solutions to extract value from them. In addition, Logicmelt develops visualization tools that connect to IoT / Edge devices or the cloud and offer operators real-time sensor data, statistics, historical data and KPIs (key performance indicators).